West of England Cocker Club

Open Show January 2004

Best In Show Jan 2004
photo by Ian Scott

L-R BIS Claramand Rock N Roll With Molkara JW
RBIS Danett Andre
BPIS Terriles Tonuelo

Judge: Mrs G Davies (Gwendraeth)

(Total Entry: 68 dogs)

Puppy Red/Black/Gold/B&T
1 Wensum With Diamonds
2 Sunzo Salsa

Novice Red/Blk/Gold/B&T
1 W With Diamonds
2 Black Is Black At Lorebank
3 Deracor Dawn Chorus At Fairlynn

Graduate Red/Blk/Gold/B&T
1 Withiflor White Knight
2 Quintavia Quintessence
3 Sunnerset Sweet Sensation

Open Red/Blk/Gold/B&T
1 Lujesa Soul To Soul JW  BOS
2 Judika Prairie Gold
3 Sunnerset Sunkiss

Puppy Any Other Colour
1 Quintavia Starry Eyed
2 Castanea Sheik N Swing
3 Lapidary Let It Be At Suvern
4 Colleena Jallapino Jade
5 Philford Mr Midge

Novice AOC
1 Danett Andre  RBIS
2 Alisma Antonia
3 Fonesse Flaran
4 Classicway Chinwag At Rosbercon
5 Bitcon Matchmaker

Graduate AOC
1 Lynwater Gorse of Classicway
2 Birchleith Molly Malone At Colleena

Open AOC
1 Setthornes Flash Gordon

Veteran D/B
1 Sh Ch Withiflor Otis Blue
2 Roanwood The Livewire

Minor Puppy Dog
1 Alisma Arizona  BMPIS
2 P Mr Midge

Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Withiflor For Giving
2 Fonesse Alana
3 Grovern Jinseng
4 Wensum Laracroft
5 Yelbis Maiden Dream Maker

Puppy Dog
1 Terriles Tonuelo  BPIS
2 Sunzo Square Dance
3 P Mr Midge

Puppy Bitch
1 Lujesa Odyssey
2 W With Diamonds
3 C Jallapino Jade
4 Pipsmore Prima Donna

Junior D/B
1 W White Knight
2 Krismoor Folaris At Fonesse
3 Trimtops Bosuns Mate
4 Whipspan Wyatt Earl At Ridgeackhs
5 Littlewick Baby Doll At Bartomy

Maiden D/B
1 D Andre
2 A Antonia
3 W With Diamonds
4 C Chinwag At Rosbercon
5 S Sweet Sensation

Novice D/B
1 D Andre
2 Molkara Pillow Talk
3 W With Diamonds
4 C Chinwag At R

Undergraduate D/B
1 W White Knight
2 Danett Gentle Breeze
3 Trimtops Sea Storm

Special Beginners D/B
1 Charbonnel Wildchild At Quintavia
2 Lorebank Aurelius JW
3 C Chinwag At R
4 Llewben Mystical Sapphire

Bred By Exhibitor
1 W White Knight
2 Wensum I'm Your Man
3 Quintavia Show Stopper
4 S Sweet Sensation
5 Joydon Mr Magic

Not Bred By Exhibitor
1 Claramand Rock-N-Roll With Molkara JW  BIS

Postgraduate D/B
1 Wensum Mardi Gras
2 Danett Candle In The Wind

Open Dog
1 Pipsmore Pioneer

Open Bitch
1 Charbonnel Playtime At Quintavia

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