West of England Cocker Club

Open Show January 2005

Open Show Jan 2005

L-R BIS Withiflor White Knight, RBIS & BOS Powerscourt Power Of Love,
BPIS Charbonnel Silk N Rose At Quintavia

Total Entry:92 Dogs

Judge: Mr G Parker ("Weyhill")

Puppy Red/Black/Gold/B&T
1 Perrytree Early Call
2 Deracor Doyenne

Graduate Red/Blk/Gold/B&T
1 Quintavia Quantum Leap
2 Lorebank Aurelius JW
3 Deracor Dawn Chorus At Fairlynn

Open Red/Blk/Gold/B&T
1 Withiflor White Knight JW ShCM  BIS
2 Sunnerset Sunkiss

Puppy Any Other Colour
1 Charbonnel Silk N Rose At Quintavia  BPIS
2 Rosbercon Chit Chat
3 Classicway Cambridge Blue
4 Trimtops Ritz Fizz
5 Charbonnel Pick N Daisies For Withiflor

Novice AOC
1 Wilmerella Will O The Wisp Af Classicway
2 Alisma Alzaghe
3 Olibond Ottar At Charmwen
4 Rosbercon Run For Fun
5 Chadway Jonagold

Graduate AOC
1 Reinots Rivalino
2 Lapidary Calypso
3 Glasfryn Sugababe
4 Powerscourt Playboy
5 Littlewick Baby Doll At Bartomy

Open AOC
1 Westerner True Lies
2 Acquelin Apollo
3 Trimtops Captain Timmy
4 Rosbercon Blue Belle

Veteran D/B
1 Deracor Deliverance
2 Trimtops Trooper Tommy

Minor Puppy Dog
1 Lapidary Revolution
2 Lujesa Ecstacy
3 Glasfryn Mr Bojangles
4 Sunnerset Sweet Scoundrel
5 Merryhaze Midas Touch By Claramand

Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Glowhill Miss Match  BMPIS
2 Suvern Secret Smile At Ashenberry
3 Deracor Delft
4 Powerscourt Pippi's Gift
5 Lapidary Twist And Shout

Puppy Dog
1 Shenmore Star Myth
2 C Cambridge Blue
3 Spendles I'm Isaac Via Springstein

Puppy Bitch
1 Trimtops June Sparkle
2 C Pick N Daisies For W
3 Reinots Chianti
4 Glasfryn She's Magic

Junior D/B
1 Perrytree Mountaineer
2 R Rivalino
3 C Jonagold

Maiden D/B
1 A Alzaghe
2 C Jonagold

Novice D/B
1 W Will O The Wisp Of C
2 Pipsmore Prima Donna
3 C Jonagold

Undergraduate D/B
1 W Will O The Wisp Of C
2 Lapidary Moonflower
3 Tudormist Silhouette At Whisperwood
4 Reinots Reveler

Special Beginners D/B
1 Quintavia Quintessence
2 A Apollo
3 Lapidary Addicted To Love
4 T Captain Timmy
5 R Chianti

Bred By Exhibitor
1 R Rivalino

Not Bred By Exhibitor
1 W True Lies
2 L Baby Doll At B
3 R Chianti

Open Dog
1 W True Lies
2 Pipsmore Pioneer

Open Bitch
1 Powerscourt Power Of Love JW  RBIS & BOS
2 Alisma Arrina
3 Deracor Davina JW
4 Ashenberry All Socks At Suvern
5 Pipsmore Pussy Willow

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