West of England Cocker Club

Open Show January 2008

BIS Hillier's Lujesa Speciosa
RBIS Lester's Quettadene Seeing Stars
BOS Hackett's Lindridge Moon Catcher
BPIS & BMPIS Herd's Quintavia Stars In Her Eyes
BVIS Carpenter's Zakova Twice As Nice

Judge: Anne O'Keefe ("Glenayden")

Best In Show January 2008
L-R: Lujesa Speciosa (BIS), Quettadene Seeing Stars (RBIS),
Quintavia Stars In Her Eyes (BPIS & BMPIS)

Lindridge Moon Catcher
Lindridge Moon Catcher (BOS), Quintavia Stars In Her Eyes (BPIS),
Zakova Twice As Nice (BVIS)

Total Entry: 116 Dogs

Puppy Red/Black/Gold/B&T
1 Fonesse Finafaille
2 Zakova Tantalise
3 Donmyl Dominica At Sheigra
4 Kianzo Sweet Innocence

Novice Red/Blk/Gold/B&T
1 Claramand Cilla Black For Oramiss
2 Svenja Vom Odenwald

Graduate Red/Blk/Gold/B&T
1 Lujesa Daniella At Weyhill
2 Glasedin Golden Delicious
3 Zakova Spirit Dancer At Penbuff
4 Kianzo Sweet Magic
5 Cascadia I Chico At Beechtops

Open Red/Blk/Gold/B&T
1 Withiflor Shining
2 Break The Spell At Tialys

Puppy Any Other Colour
1 Kendalwood Kew See
2 Ryallcourt Ponder A While
3 Dawnglo Silver Star
4 Oramiss Sky's The Limit
5 Zakova Silver Surfer

Novice AOC
1 Totenkopf Armani Over Fonesse
2 Courtmaster Totem At Beckaby
3 Mossdew Blue Heaven
4 Trimtops Running Paws
5 Kwillians December Morn

Graduate AOC
1 Quintavia Star Stopper
2 Wizzmill Marble Blue Among Ruphill JW
3 Courtmaster White Wizard
4 Weyhill Amici
5 Speechouse San Andre At Glasfryn

Open AOC
1 Lindridge Moon Catcher  BOS
2 Lapidary Rebel Rebel
3 Trimtops Captain Timmy

Veteran D/B
1 Zakova Twice As Nice
2 Sharemead O'Connor

Minor Puppy Dog
1 Quettadene Revelry
2 Joydon Keep The Line
3 Zakova Silver Surfer
4 Dawnglo Silver Moon

Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Quintavia Stars In Her Eyes  BPIS & BMPIS
2 Perrytree Sugar Plum
3 Zakova Silver Rose
4 Lujesa Cassalina At Chimewood
5 Withiflor About A Blue

Puppy Dog
1 Alisma Amilton
2 Zakova Special Touch
3 Kendalwood Cody

Puppy Bitch
1 Ryallcourt Ponder A While
2 Kendalwood Concession
3 Meakwood Annastasia
4 Fonesse Finagael
5 Donmyl Dominica At Sheigra

Junior D/B
1 Quettadene Seeing Stars  RBIS
2 Fonesse Frivolini
3 Glasedin Golden Delicious
4 Ryallcourt Pied-D Piper
5 Castanea Top Hat N Tails

Special Yearling D/B
1 Quettadene Seeing Stars
2 Lujesa Touch The Sky
3 Kendalwood Cobber
4 Meakwood Charisma
5 Sharemead Squadron Leader

Maiden D/B
1 Lapidary Moonglow
2 Mossdew Blue Heaven

Novice D/B
1 Courtmaster Totem At Beckaby
2 Sharemead Lucy Locket At Evaremoc

Undergraduate D/B
1 Lujesa Speciosa  BIS
2 Glasedin Golden Delicious
3 Wingate Spinning Star Over Springstein
4 Springstein Stars Delight At Beckaby
5 Cascadia I Chico At Beechtops

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Kwillians December Morn

Not Bred By Exhibitor
1 W Spinning Star Over Springstein
2 C I Chico At Beechtops
3 Speechouse San Andre At Glasfryn
4 Roanri Beau Esprit
5 Reinots Chianti At Kwillians

Postgraduate D/B
1 Quettadene Seeing Stars
2 Olibond Peter Pan
3 Alisma Amelia JW
4 Kendalwood Connotation
5 Perrytree Summer Solstice

Open Dog
1 Lapidary Revolution JW ShCM
2 Zakova Blue Print For Ruphill ShCM

Open Bitch
All entries absent

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