West of England Cocker Club

Open Show June 2002

Best In Show June 2002
L-R Okell Our Blue Belle (RBIS)
Judika Black Dove JW (BIS)
Judika Prairie Gold (BOS)

Best Puppy In Show June 2002
L-R Jardinisle Serenity (BPIS)
Terriles Taittinger (BMPIS)

Judge: Mrs P Morton (Belevor)

Puppy (Red/Black/Gold/B&T)
1 Quettadene Amelia At Dillonpark
2 Manchela Maid To Measure
3 Waterwood Selene

Novice (Red/Black/Gold/B&T)
1 M Maid To Measure
2 Weyhill Gabrielle
3 Goodman Golden Aphrodite
4 Welmont My Dream

Graduate (Red/Black/Gold/B&T)
1 Grolucky Bliss
2 Lorebank Poliwag
3 Astrabrook Anticipation
4 Astrabrook Ray of Sunshine Over Cutel
5 Manchela Black Fox With Aumyra

Open (Red/Black/Gold/B&T)
1 Judika Black Dove JW BIS
2 Cornbow Indicia To Goodman

Puppy (Any Other Colour)
1 Joaldy Jolly Swagman For Cutel
2 Rosbercon Through The Rye
3 Basso Alber Profundo
4 Powerscourt Perfect Gift
5 Spell Binder Among Ottigi

Novice (Any Other Colour)
1 Symbiosis Soul Star
2 Littlewick Living Legend
3 S Binder Among O
4 Danett Roaring Forties With Valace

Graduate (Any Other Colour)
1 Rosbercon Rhian
2 Withiflor Blue Genius
3 Ashenberry Allsocks
4 Rosbercon Blue Belle

Open (Any Other Colour)
1 Okell Our Blue Belle  RBIS
2 Symbiosis Star Performer
3 Shenmore Star Legend
4 Sweetways Silver Beaute
5 Trimtops Trooper Tommy

Veteran D/B
1 Orchidsblue Villa King

Minor Puppy Dog
1 Terriles Taittinger  BMPIS
2 Ryallcourt Nice As Pie

Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Ryallcourt Grace N Favour
2 Judika Charmed
3 Terriles Tallulah
4 Sunzo Sousa
5 Powerscourt Pure Magic

Puppy Dog
1 J Jolly Swagman For C
2 Spendles Spinning Top
3 Sunzo Strumming Sydney
4 Olibond Casey Jones

Puppy Bitch
1 Jardinisle Serenity  BPIS
2 Q Amelia at D
3 M Maid To Measure
4 W Selene
5 Kwillans Blue Mountain Gem

Junior D/B
1 Caefardre Caprice At Shenmore JW
2 L Living Legend
3 Welmont Pollyanna

Maiden D/B
1 Jardinisle Latest Craze
2 W Pollyanna
3 Pipsmore Pioneer

Novice D/B
1 M Maid To Measure
2 S Soul Star
3 W Gabrielle
4 D Roaring Forties With V
5 G Golden Aphrodite

Undergraduate D/B
1 Riondel Venture To Powerscourt
2 S Soul Star
3 A Anticipation
4 D Roaring Forties With V
5 G Golden Aphrodite

Special Beginners D/B
1 S Soul Star
2 A Anticipation
3 R Blue Belle
4 S Binder Among O
5 A Ray Of Sunshine Over C

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Grolucky Little Coot
2 Sweetways Magic Charm
3 S Silver Beaute
4 G Golden Aphrodite
5 K Blue Mountain Gem

Not Bred By Exhibitor
1 Thistle Do For Ryallcourt
2 Tashann Theodora
3 M Black Fox With A
4 D Roaring Forties With V
5 C Indicia To G

Postgraduate D/B
1 Wiljana Moondust Over Jardinisle
2 Grolucky Firefly
3 Jardinisle Star Performer With Taranbeck
4 S Magic Charm

Open Dog
1 Judika Prairie Gold  BOS
2 Spendles Spinner

Open Bitch
1 Littlewick Fashion Doll
2 S Silver Beaute
3 Pipsmore Pussy Willow
4 C Indicia To G

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