West of England Cocker Club

Open Show June 2003

Best In Show June 2003
L-R Fendrove I'm No Angel At Claramand (BIS)
Classicway Clarity (RBIS)
Lujesa Soul To Soul (BPIS)

Judge: Mr T Harrison ("Glenbrows")

Total Entry: 80 dogs

Puppy Red/Black/Gold/B&T
1 Claramand Hells Angel
2 Perrytree Dolly Daydream
3 Lujesa Indulgence
4 Deracor Dawn Chorus

Novice Red/Blk/Gold/B&T
1 Quintavia Quintessence
2 Quettadene Simplicity At Beechtops

Graduate Red/Blk/Gold/B&T
1 Lujesa Diavolo JW  BOS
2 Wensum I'm Your Man JW
3 Charbonnel Wild Child At Quintavia
4 Lorebank Aurelius

Open Red/Blk/Gold/B&T
1 Weyhill Gabrielle

Puppy Any Other Colour
1 Bitcon Matchmaker
2 Trimtops Sea Storm
3 Sharemead Illusion
4 Trimtops Captain Timmy
5 Valace Terra

Novice AOC
1 Classicway Clarity  RBIS
2 Alisma Arrina
3 Claramand She's Beautiful At San Matayo
4 Alcyone Smoky Ellestial

Graduate AOC
1 Quintavia Show Stopper
2 Joydon Mr Magic
3 Peejaydees Perfection
4 Alcyone Star Sapphire
5 Sharemead Gypsy Girl

Open AOC
1 Littlewick Fashion Girl

Veteran D/B
1 Glowhill Gemstone At San Matayo
2 Sharemead O'Connor
3 Trimtops Trooper Tommy

Minor Puppy Dog
1 Trimtops Bosun's Mate
2 Claramand Licensed To Thrill
3 Withiflor White Knight
4 Trimtops Captain Timmy

Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Lorebank Talullah  BMP
2 Claramand Pirouette
3 Littlewick Baby Doll At Bartomy
4 Caefardre Asprey
5 D Dawn Chorus

Puppy Dog
1 Claramand Hells Angel
2 B Matchmaker

Puppy Bitch
1 Lujesa Soul To Soul  BPIS
2 S Illusion
3 V Terra

Junior D/B
1 Wensum Mardi Gras
2 Sharemead Shoe Black
3 A Smoky Ellestial
4 Acquelin Apollo

Maiden D/B
1 C Clarity
2 A Arrina
3 Q Quintessence
4 Shellcoast Sandys Choice For Sanmargra

Novice D/B
1 C Clarity
2 A Smoky Ellestial
3 Pipsmore Pioneer
4 S Sandys Choice For S

Undergraduate D/B
1 Fendrove I'm No Angel of Claramand  BIS
2 Wensum Jensen Button
3 S Shoe Black
4 J Mr Magic
5 Littlewick Living Legend

Special Beginners D/B
1 Charbonnel Playtime At Quintavia
2 Lorebank Polywag
3 C She's Beautiful At S
4 Q Simplicity At B
5 P Perfection

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Sharemead Stroller
2 Pipsmore Pussy Willow
3 P Perfection
4 A Starsapphire

Not Bred By Exhibitor
1 Q Simplicity At B
2 Rosica Special Creation

Postgraduate D/B
1 Perrytree Golden Plum
2 Lujesa Allegra JW
3 Wensum Jane Eyre
4 Withiflor Blue Genius
5 P Pussy Willow

Open Dog
1 S Stroller
2 P Pioneer

Open Bitch
1 W Jane Eyre
2 S Gypsy Girl

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