West of England Cocker Club

Open Show June 2006

Best In Show June 2006
L-R Dillonpark Darianne JW (BIS), Alisma Alzaghe (RBIS & BOS),
Lujesa Dolce Piselli (BPIS)

Best Puppy In Show June 2006
L-R Lujesa Dolce Piselli (BPIS), Lujesa De La Soul (BMPIS)

Judge: Sue Cox (Suvern)

Total Entry: 95 Dogs

Puppy Red/Black/Gold/B&T
1 Perrytree Summer Solstice
2 Molkara Allegiance To Silverdust
3 Withiflor Wing Commander
4 Cascadia I Chico At Beechtops

Graduate Red/Blk/Gold/B&T
1 Dillonpark Darianne JW  BIS
2 M Allegiance To S
3 Merryhaze Midas Touch By Claramand
4 Damaco Dolce of Dorchester
5 Macbrenwar Paddington Peru

Open Red/Blk/Gold/B&T
1 Sheigra Shooting Star

Puppy Any Other Colour
1 Fonesse Fayre
2 Grovern Crowmere Country Bumkin
3 Joaldy Freddy Flintoff
4 Deracor Midnight Mistletoe

Novice AOC
1 Glasedin Garlic Bread
2 Reinots Chianti At Kwillians
3 Suelynda Sapphire

Graduate AOC
1 Wensum Blues And Twos
2 Grovern Gypsy
3 Classicway Calendar Girl
4 Perrytree She's Delightful
5 Littlewick Baby Doll At Bartomy

Open AOC
1 Gardenstone Starlight
2 Glasedin Guiding Star JW
3 Joaldy Maggie May

Veteran D/B
1 Deracor Deliverance  BVIS
2 Trimtops Trooper Tommy

Minor Puppy Dog
1 Wensum Harvest Moon
2 Classicway Cosalta Cutting Edge
3 Olibond Tradewind Over Branflic
4 D Midnight Mistletoe

Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Lujesa De La Soul  BMPIS
2 Olibond Tiger Lily
3 Deracor Delphinium

Puppy Dog
1 P Summer Solstice
2 M Allegiance To S
3 G Crowmere Country Bumkin
4 C Cosalta Cutting Edge
5 W Wing Commander

Puppy Bitch
1 Lujesa Dolce Piselli  BPIS
2 Ryallcourt Tipsy Gypsy
3 Fonesse Flake
4 Maxway Frivolous Lady At Joaldy
5 Grovern Crowmere Country Rose

Junior D/B
1 G Starlight
2 Break The Spell
3 M Paddington Peru

Special Yearling D/B
1 Deracor Delivermore

Maiden D/B
1 R Tipsy Gypsy
2 M Allegiance To S
3 G Garlic Bread
4 S Sapphire

Novice D/B
1 R Tipsy Gypsy
2 G Garlic Bread
3 R Chianti At K
4 M Midas Touch By C

Undergraduate D/B
1 Grovern Gypsy
2 C Calendar Girl
3 Trimtops June Sparkle
4 Kendalwood Sallie Traffic At Challowdown
5 Reinots Reveller

Bred By Exhibitor
1 G Starlight

Not Bred By Exhibitor
1 Shenmore Star Myth JW
2 L Baby Doll At B
3 R Chianti At K
4 K Sallie Traffic At C
5 Roanri Beau Esprit

Postgraduate D/B
1 Alisma Alzaghe  RBIS & BOS
2 Sheigra Sixties Song JW

Open Dog
1 S Star Myth

Open Bitch
No entries

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